#1 requisite for living in America: belief in “something”. In other news, men who believe in murderous deities are welcome

***UPDATE*** This letter to the editor is a hoax. Please see below for information. I’m not going to take the letter down, as I want to hopefully spread the word that it is — in fact — not a true letter from a true Christian.

I would like to offer an apology for all the pain and anguish you, those of you who are my Christian readers, may have gone through. I’m sure you were mildly embarrassed or you wanted to high five ol’ Alice Shannon.

via: http://inthevoid.co.uk

I’m not sure how regular of a reader Taylor is, but he stopped in last week, and again today to let us know that this letter was in fact a hoax. He snoped it, and you can find the write up here.

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6 Responses to #1 requisite for living in America: belief in “something”. In other news, men who believe in murderous deities are welcome

  1. Petursey says:

    The stupid hurts !!!!!!
    Well at least it proves only low IQ people are rabid christians !

  2. biodork says:

    Wow. Just…wow. FSM bless her right to free speech. Oooo! I wonder how she’d feel about the Noodly One? I mean, if we must believe in something/anything, she can’t say sh*t about Him, right?

  3. cafewitteveen says:

    Shoot, if not FSM itself, I’ve got a teapot of significant value that I believe exists too. I believe it gave me properly brewed tea this morning.

    I think you were both gone for the weekend. I’m glad you’re both back safely (save Petursey’s flu bug), and as Petursey said earlier, I sacrificed a pizza for both of you over the weekend. Of course Tina and I enjoyed every bite!

    Nom nom nom nom.

  4. Taylor says:

    I just googled this person and an entry on Snopes came up. This was apparently a satirical hoax. That being said, I’m relatively sure that there are people in America that really do feel this way, however, Alice Shannon isn’t one of them.

  5. [...] tell how often Taylor reads here, but he posted a comment last week, and he commented today that this article (the letter to the editor) is in fact a hoax. Thank you, Taylor, for pointing it out. I’m NOT [...]

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