A cynical distraction

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m tied up today. But I don’t want you to be bored to tears because my blood pressure is up and deadlines are looming.

If you aren’t already an avid Cynical C reader, you should be. And if you need a reason why, Cynical Chris’ blog is posting lots of updates about the current TSA bumblefuckclusterbomb.

Here’s the latest, but if you go back through a few older post clicks, the posts he makes about the TSA are simply snippets from larger articles.

If you care about who touches your privates in public, you’ll care about this atrocity happening in airports. If you care about who touches your children, nieces and nephews, and the children of your loved ones, you will be even more inclined to give a hoot.

So go already. I’m too busy for you anyway!

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