When morons parse information

It’s funny, because Kirk Cameron and the master, I mean, Ray “Dumbass” Comfort are talking about America under George W. Bush.


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4 Responses to When morons parse information

  1. luisv91 says:

    Seriously, have any of these two “luminaries” ever sat through a speech by ANY Republican candidate? Because as far as I know, they’re the only ones promising to restore our nation, take it back and return it to it’s glory.

    Must be an awful thing to live so totally disconnected from reality!

    • Jeremy says:

      We’re huge fans of Ray Comfort’s new beard looking thing that seems to prove evolution with one fell swoop.

  2. M J Shepherd says:

    Listening to them is like burning history books.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Tina and I like to blast audio of these two hotties bantering whilst lovemaking.

    What a welcome addition to our bedroom romps.

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