Lets think about this for a second

December 6, 2012


If we don’t teach the world about Allah, the Christians will teach them about another crappy deity.

Peeper Dee #341

December 6, 2012

by Xina

by Xina


Les Jolies Fleurs by Tina Louise

The Lovely Anna by Jude C

The Lovely Anna by Jude C

Re-editing an image by j-dub

Re-editing an image by j-dub

Another five faces you'll likely never see again by sunny lee

Another five faces you’ll likely never see again by sunny lee


Yes! Two shall marry

December 6, 2012


This image making great rounds — as well it should — is badass.

These two men are picking up their midnight marriage certificates.

And it looks like it was a long time coming.

I’m proud.

Photographer: Meryl Schenker. More here.


Everything is Terrible! Charlton Heston Presents Sodom & Gomorrah

December 6, 2012

Remember that time when God appeared to you in the form of himself or an angel and gave you a message?

Yeah, me neither.

Even if this isn’t a cartoon, how could I take this story seriously at all?

I mean, there was a time when I did. And I cherished stories. But once thought about realistically, well, it becomes nothing more than entertainment.



A heart-tugging bit of Christmas advertising that may take you to another place … you’re welcome

December 6, 2012

If this ad doesn’t get you, check your pulse.


I’m a boxer!

December 6, 2012

wilkinson-witteveen-1I love when my responses to others writings are taken as antagonistic threats of assholery.

You get images like the above.

That’s Dan Wilkinson. And his response to my post about 1 Timothy 2:12 can be found here.

His response is yawnable at best. It’s a bit of a whiny mess, ascertaining he didn’t (or did) write what I interpreted he did or didn’t write.

I missed the point here.

I missed the point there.

I didn’t go into enough detail there.

I made a blanket-y statement over yonder.

Oh no.

I missed his points when my hand made a dull thud against my face several times during the 8 minutes it took to read his response.

It’s like that when kids think they shouldn’t be taken any other way than their intent.

You don’t understand, [sniff, sniff] I addressed exactly what you missed. Let me clarify again.

And again.

And … scene.

What’d you do, Dan, go to a believing college where this kind of response to your writing is acceptable?

At least one good thing came of it … a sweet doctored image of yours truly.

You can see my — not really my — nipple!

If you can’t find three wise men, why do you vote at all?

December 6, 2012


I saw this graphic on Facebook that reads, “Breaking News: there will be no Christmas celebration in Washington, DC this year. Apparently they could not find three wise men.”

There’s noticeable criticism that I find abundant about politics, but mainly coming from friends who support conservatives … it’s that they constantly barrage Washington DC with comments about how bad it is.

And they say that the only real Americans don’t live in big cities.

So there’s no wise men in Washington. No wise people in cities.

Anyone of any worth lives outside of these places and have no idea how to get to Washington DC.

Wait a minute! Some sure smells fishy.


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