Peeper Dee #344

December 9, 2012

By Biodork

By Biodork

I’d like to welcome Biodork back with a submission for PPD #344.

Where is your submission, huh?

Hard light by J-dub

Hard light by J-dub

photo editing sunday

December 9, 2012


Today I’ve been editing the above photo. We have a big shoot this Friday, and I spent a little more time on details that I usually move through faster.

I’ve been practicing different styles and techniques. My goal is to be as clean as possible while retaining as much photo realism as I can.

The couple in this photo are two friends of ours who let us shoot them for a while. They did great.

Be sure to click to embiggen to look a little closer.


Peeper Dee #343

December 9, 2012

One of Yeshua's role models by J-dub

A serving of Kimchi with a side of Steroids, please. Sauce on the side. by sunny lee

Peeper Dee #343, from yesterday December 8, 2012



One of Yeshua’s role models by J-dub


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