Mini, family reunion vacation starts today! How about some interiors photos to tide you over.

Today marks our sixth or seventh annual trip with my brother-in-law Michael and his partner Jason to visit Jason’s parents in Carbondale, IL. We’ve lost track of how many times we’ve gone.

It’s our fourth trip with our dog Talulah, who loves the trip, but isn’t all that fond of the drive. She gets a little bored.

We all pack into our car and drive down. Jason’s parents have a lovely large home with a pool and nice views. It’s a chance for Michael and Jason to get away from their record store, Gramaphone, that they own and operate together.

And it gives Tina and I a chance to to spend more time with the people we love.

I’ll likely blog from the road, but I wanted to share these interiors from last week’s shoot.











The spit take


I took this portrait last weekend of my friend James, who is developing a character for some short films and photography that he wants to do of a retired, washed-up cop.

I was screwing with the treatment of the image yesterday, and couldn’t help but stop at this point and say, “Done.”



What to say about Robin Williams

Just like most of you, I knew Robin Williams from his long-lived career in motion picture. I didn’t know him personally. But sometimes celebrities are so familiar, you consider them close.

At times, he made me laugh harder than anyone could. At others, he annoyed me. There was a TV show that he starred in over the last few years that didn’t last long. Damn, it was awful.

Tina was a huge fan of Mork and Mindy. I was a big fan of his performances in Dead Poets, Good Will, Aladdin, The Final Cut, Hook, The Fisher King, The Birdcage and (Oh god) Mrs. Doubtfire.

The Birdcage is a movie that I could watch every time it’s on TV. It likely was a large proponent for helping me get over the homophobia engrained in my noggin from youth.

In case you didn’t know, Tina was the influence for Nathan Lane’s performance in Birdcage.

He made local headlines in Asheville when he shot Patch Adams, which was a heart warmer. My college roommate was an extra and shows up in a bus in the opening scene.

I don’t really care about his depression. I know people are talking about that. And I’m not a big fan of associating him so much with his dialogue as the ways he performed.

I’m not a fan of the term Rest in Peace. It seems to me that we’re all hoping his spirit doesn’t come back and haunt us. That’s weird.

I can’t say goodbye to him, because his immortality will live with us for as long as we have his movies and TV appearances. That’s the only way I know the guy anyway. So in a way, he’s not really all that dead except for the fact that we won’t see much new content from him. Although, there will be a huge Academy Award segment devoted to him, I’m sure.

Kottke posted the video on his blog below, and I couldn’t help but repost it here.

Seize today, guys. Seize it.


Anniversary numero six


Yesterday was our sixth wedding anniversary, with an accumulated fourteen years of togetherness.

I made dinner reservations at a restaurant called The Bristol. We had a gift certificate for the restaurant, and I know that sounds cheap. But we have a tradition of celebrating landmarks with GCs.

When we got engaged, I had a GC for Morton’s Steakhouse. Tina knew nothing of the ring, and I used it as a justification to eat out at a nice place. Because otherwise, I cook EVERY night and to eat out means I’ve got a special reason.

I made our reservation for 6:30, because the only other option was 8:30, and these two old people can’t make it to 8:30 very well.

I was disappointed more people weren’t in the restaurant when we arrived. It was us and a Asian couple in the entire upstairs.

There were many things we wanted to try, especially a large ravioli with an egg and ricotta cheese inside. I took some pictures of our food with our little Leica C, which I’m going to sell soon, I think. I like the camera okay, but there are other cameras in its price range that tout much better image quality.

Namely, the Sony RX100 III. Or the Ricoh GR.

All in all, the food was okay. I’m not sure we should have celebrated our anniversary there, so maybe we have to have another anniversary dinner. :)

I’ll post the somewhat shabby pictures of some of our food below.