Allow myself to introduce … myself.

I am a photographer. Like other photographers, I started young. I photograph because I like to tell people, “This is what I saw and how I saw it.” 

My background: I had the Fisher Price PixelVision 2000. My brother and I made movies with the family video camera as well. 

Pictures like, “Blood in the Tub I” and “Blood in the Tub II”. 

My first still camera was a Kodak Picture Disk.

Impressed, I’m sure. 

Simply stated, I make visual art. 

I learned the mechanics of manual photography on my high school yearbook staff and through college course work. Now I stand behind motion and still cameras as often as I can. I run my own company, r25 productions, since 1999. I also do some graphic design. I edit video. 

My life is my work. I don’t have to receive a paycheck to tote around cameras. 

I am happily married. We are trying for children. 

This blog will focus on photography, art, religion, absence of religion, current affairs, my opinion of your opinion, your opinion of your opinion, etc. 

I will likely repost videos and photos from web sites that I follow. 

And I will certainly post original content. 

Thanks for stopping by. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. 

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