I got married last August. 

Eight. Eight. Eight. 

I’m in love. I understood marriage after I heard about it from an evolutionary perspective. It was from an interview with Richard Dawkins. He explained that monogamous marriage is the most effective and harmonious way to a positive life and relationship. It’s an excellent way to rear children. Before that point, marriage was a rule — although explained to me as such — it is hardly biblical. I searched and searched the Christian bible for a rationale for marriage, and found nothing except for the traditional views explained by literature and spoken history. 

I think everyone should have the right to marry. 

I changed my mind from the way I “believed” as a child/adolescent, because I have no right to tell someone they can’t marry the person they love. Neither should the church or any person associated with a church. 

Straight. Gay. Lesbian. Transgender. 

My brother in law is gay. He’s lived with his partner for longer than 10 years. They are not married. He wears a wedding ring on his left hand, and is certainly someone I look at as a role model. 

Soon this rubbish about gay marriage will go away and it will live in the past with women’s rights, civil rights and all kinds of issues the church effectively stymied from progress. 

I saw this video over at Hemant Mehta’s brilliant blog. It’s a good reminder. 

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