An Open Letter to Trader Joe’s Cashiers

Dear Trader Joe’s Cashiers,

When you are overtly gregarious with the person in line in front of me, but don’t say boo to my wife nor I, it’s slightly offensive.

The most you said to me was, “Here’s your receipt.”

I don’t care if my pro-evolution shirt offends you. At least say hello after giving the previous customer a verbal blowjob.

Best wishes in all you do,

Jeremy “Equal Customer Treatment” Witteveen

P.S. Don’t say that Jesus paid your tuition through college out loud again. That’s retarded.

P.P.S. Don’t forget how bad your turkey burgers are.

You’re a fanatic

In light of being called fanatical and full of fiery passion lately, this video makes me feel a little better. I was pretty offended at first, but it’s true. I am passionate about non-belief.

I wouldn’t stand by while a friend was abused by her boyfriend. Why would I stand by why she was mentally abused by something as unprovable and relentlessly damaging as religious teachings? I wouldn’t stand by. I would intervene.

The video is a bit verbose and long. The gist is this: “I may be labeled a militant, but there’s a big difference between militant atheism and militant religiosity.”