You Gotta Love ‘Em, Tell Him He’s Going to Hell.

The ever appalling Pat Robertson. Love hath no greater abomination than he.

He’s not “convinced” that homosexuality is a biological “problem”. But wait, there’s more. It’s not bioligical. It’s that he was “made a homosexual” from a “coach” or a “guidance counselor” or “some other male figure”.

When someone says, “This is how you deal with these characters as Christians” or “And you love him. You accept him.” But any chance you get, remind him he’s hellbound.

That’s some love I can get behind. Yee-haa!

My dad recently turned to me and said, “You know, the word ‘gay’ used to have such a great meaning.”

I turned to him and said, “It still does.”

Here’s the video in question from P.R.

Sarah Palin and Todd’s beef with Dave Letterman

It’s no surprise, Dave Letterman is brilliant. He knows how to deliver jokes. He’s been ragging on everything and anything for 30 years. He can get a laugh where most people can’t. I envy him for it. It’s a practiced and natural talent. I hope he continues to get better reviews than Conan O’ now that the short-lived honeymoon is over.

Sarah Palin continues to embarrass herself as a public figure. She makes republicans look handicapped and dysfunctional. She proves she has little sense of humor and shows that no one is safe when they enter the public arena.

When I first moved to Chicago, I hung out with the local underground comics. What I learned from them is something I should have already known. That is, “Nothing is sacred.” If a person holds something as dear, it can be joked about. The dearer the subject, the funnier it can be. That’s why religion is so funny.

I grew up in a conservative Christian home, and my dad often ridiculed other faiths and religions. I often didn’t laugh, but wondered why he wasn’t honest and critical of his own faith. It’s frightfully apparent now that it’s a tenant of his faith that his faith alone is/was not to be criticized. It’s the Lady MacBeth notion of protesting too much. I think he criticized other religion to a fault because he knew (still knows) that his religion is very splotchy, if not downright hilarious.

All this for a setup to this video from Mr. Letterman. His response to the Palin’s response to his jokes.