Trader Joe’s – Your Turkey Burgers Blow

Dear Trader Joes,

Please stop selling turkey burgers until you can develop a tastier, less awful version. I bought a pound of turkey burger meat on Friday to make on Saturday night. That was Saturday, June 13, 2009 if you don’t have your calendar handy.

After grilling the meat as patties to eat as turkeyburgers, my wife and I were incredibly displeased with the quality of taste.

We both love TJ’s. We shop there often. We praise your carne asada. We built a special shrine equipped with candles and pictures of uncooked, cooked and shat carne asada. We have pictures of us eating it and laying on a bed of it.

We would never lay on a bed of turkey meat from your store.

In the event you need more information, please contact me.


Jeremy TJ Witteveen

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