Okyne Media Lab, On Excellence — Charging a Charlie Trotter Prix and Delivering McDonald’s Fare

For all of you who think this is too long/didn’t read:
Don’t hire Okyne Media Lab.
They are unprofessional and do not deliver on their promised services.

Okyne Media Lab is not a solid choice for wedding or event DJ’ing.

If you’re a vendor, and you charge premium prices for your services, you had best perform above expectations. When you charge premium, and you deliver, you develop a customer base that has been hypnotized by a spell of excellent services. When you don’t perform, you should own up and be prepared to buy your way out of bad reviews.

If you are the recipient of bad services, you should tell the world about it. There are great avenues to do it these days. Yelp! facebook. Blog. Smoke signal.

Last August I got married. I’m fully aware that the wedding industry consists of the crème de la crème in confidence artistry. I’m also aware that some of the best parties I’ve been to were weddings. Why were they the best? Because someone paid premium price for premium talent (be it culinary, music, décor, etc.) and vendors delivered ten fold.

Take my wedding for example. We rented the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, which meant we hired Wolfgang Puck as our caterer. Dinner was expensive. Really expensive. And you know what? Dinner was amazing. The caterers were amazing. We paid top dollar and were treated like it. Despite what we paid, we knew we got the best. So we were happy to dump thousands of dollars on someone else’s lap.

Everyone we hired we expected much the same performance level.

Everyone performed to expectation, EXCEPT, <bum bum bum!> the DJ!

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