Hitchens vs. Craig Debate

I’m watching this debate right now between Chris Hitchens and William Lane Craig. I love how it opened and I will comment more as I watch.


These are my thoughts as I go:

Video 2, minute 8: Craig is talking about the big bang. It’s a relief that a prominent Christian figure supports science. Regardless of whether he thinks Intelligent Design is the reason, so many Christians do not “believe” in the big bang or in evolution.

Although the math and chance discussion is boring. I find that “god did it” as the rationale for mathematics behind the universe is bad debate tactic. Even if the math produced evidence for an intelligence behind the universe, it’s ridiculous to think that as a result of intelligence, that the Christian god exists and therefore we should worship it and think it intervened only in Christianity and not in other religion.

Fine tuning is not proof for god nor for there to be a Christian god.

Chris Hitchens

I enjoyed how Hitch says something to the effect of, 100 years ago, Craig would have not included evolution or physics in his argument, and now he uses it as some debate proof, shows great fallacy in his argument. When I was growing up, I found it curious that demons were the cause of diseases that we attribute to germs, viruses or bacteria today. If god were all knowing and he wrote the book, then it would be reasonable to think that it would write the book complete with true information.

WL Craig rebuttal

Craig is good. I give him that. He debates and speaks well. He’s a magician though. He practices the art of slight of hand with speech. He mixes his information and he speaks with such authority, that to check his facts is almost impossible. I would need a list of references for both parties, yet a Christian would walk away from this quoting Craig as scripture. I really can’t stand him.

Hitchens vs. Craig in Six Minute Q&A

I’m just waiting for Craig to say something like, “Yeah, I believe that Jesus cast out demons to prove his authority as god … ah fuck it … I don’t believe any of this shit coming out my mouth! You’re right Chris. I give up. I sound like a complete loon. Everybody, Chris is right. This shit I’m saying is awful. I’m sorry.”