Liberty U Democrat Searches for Diversity

The President of the Liberty University College Democrats, Brian Diaz, has applied to other schools citing he wishes “to be apart of an institution that fosters diversity within its student body.”

Good for him. I hope more students wise up and run from that campus.

Article here.

I visited Liberty while in high school. My friend and I stayed in a room with a couple other guys. We visited classes and saw first hand how odd Liberty’s students and rules were. Even coming from a strict Christian high school, I knew Liberty was far beyond the experience I wanted to have in college.

The guys we stayed with were kind of nerdy, nonetheless, and one thing I remember was that one roommate played a first-person shooter video game on his computer all weekend. I thought it was a little violent for a “Christian”.

We were forced to abide by the dress code while we were on campus. Men weren’t able to walk into certain buildings without a noose, I mean, phallus pointing at my penis, I mean, without wearing a tie. Such stuffiness. No wonder Christian art blows. How can a person be an artist while choking himself?