Religious People who Reject Science: You’re Embarrassing Yourselves

To people who make videos like this one below, I want to say, “STOP. Please stop for your own good.”

I don’t think it’ll do any good. They don’t make Christians look smart. They don’t help their cause, do they?

To quote Christianity’s own Francis Collins: “Well, evolution is a theory. It’s a very compelling one. As somebody who studies DNA, the fact that we are 98.4 percent identical at the DNA level to a chimpanzee, it’s pretty hard to ignore the fact that when I am studying a particular gene, I can go to the mouse and find it’s the similar gene, and it’s 90 percent the same. It’s certainly compatible with the theory of evolution, although it will always be a theory that we cannot actually prove. I’m a theistic evolutionist. I take the view that God, in His wisdom, used evolution as His creative scheme. I don’t see why that’s such a bad idea. That’s pretty amazingly creative on His part. And what is wrong with that as a way of putting together in a synthetic way the view of God who is interested in creating a group of individuals that He can have fellowship with — us? Why is evolution not an appropriate way to get to that goal? I don’t see a problem with that.”

And also: “Yes, evolution by descent from a common ancestor is clearly true. If there was any lingering doubt about the evidence from the fossil record, the study of DNA provides the strongest possible proof of our relatedness to all other living things.”

The more religious people impose their ignorance, the more they expose their own efforts for devaluing truth.

Pray for Jon and Kate Plus Eight, Minus One?

I have a lot of religious friends on facebook. For a while I deleted them when they got too forceful with their updates. Now I keep them around to expose them to my perspective. My thought process is that without me, they don’t know many people with opposing views.

A pastor friend of mine  — who shares his account with his wife — posted this today which I screen capped and blurred some info for posterity, “praying for jon and kate & family”.  I laughed outloud when I saw it. Belly laughed.

Picture 5

I criticize several things about “praying for jon & kate & family.” I’ll do it in the form of rhetorical question.

1) Prayer doesn’t work, so what’s the point?

2) Why weren’t they praying for Jon and Kate when they first went on the air and began exploiting their family and children?

3) Where were their prayers when Jon and Kate were OBVIOUSLY having marital issues. I say this from clips aired on “The Soup”. I’ve never seen the show otherwise. The clips Joel McHale showed were awful. They showed the demise of their marriage over the course of how many seasons.

4) Why in heaven’s pajamas does any body even care about this family if it weren’t for the goddamned boob tube in the first place? Reality TV is awful.

5) What god would care about semi-celebrities in the first place? What an egocentric perspective?

This facebook update really makes me sick. If anyone could take the “lord’s name in vain” it’s this kind of bullshit. It makes a mockery that which is wrong with religion. It’s a manufactured drama. It’s perpetuated by responses like this. And then I am guilty of perpetuating it further.

I am a sellout.