Movie Recommendations

A facebook friend recently asked me for recommendations for books, movies and music.

Of course, I’d love to. I’ve done this several times before for different people, and I wish I had the list to reference.

Really, the work has been done for me. AFI’s top 100 is a great place to start. If a person can make a note to try and see that list, just mark one off once a month, it would do well for the viewer.

My most watched and recommendations for must-see classics:

  • “Citizen Kane” — noted for its excellence in cinema (editing, sound, performance, direction, cinematography/photography, etc.). I can put this movie on at any time of the day and soak up nuances or remind myself of parts and moments I love.
  • “The Godfather”. I marvel at soundtrack usage and at acting in Al Pacino’s performance. Another one I can watch repetitiously.
  • “Lawrence of Arabia” became a personal favorite, but I don’t own it. I will watch it any time it’s on TV from start to finish. Brilliant performances and picture.
  • “The Bridge Over the River Quai” — brilliant Pacific war-time picture.
  • “The African Queen” — performance-driven masterpiece.
  • “Rear Window” — This movie has some of my favorite moments in all cinema. If Grace Kelly doesn’t make you shout regardless of sex, you’re not human.
  • “The Apartment” — great direction and pace. Good movie all around.
  • “The Manchurian Candidate” — the original is stunning. Performances are incredible.
  • “The Gold Rush” — one of my person favorite Charlie Chaplin pictures.
  • “Singin’ in the Rain” — if you’re going to watch a musical, this is the one. It’s not only well-performed and well choreographed, it gives a history of cinema. It’s fun to watch, and there are many details that every cinemaphile should appreciate.
  • “A Clockwork Orange” — a brilliant piece of work about rebellion and redemption.

Personal favorites that are more recent:

  • Pulp Fiction
  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Fargo
  • Dances with Wolves

Movies not on the list that I think are must sees:

  • “Double Indemnity”
  • “Harvey” — best James Stewart movie, IMHO
  • “Young Frankenstein” — easily one of the most quotable and classic comedies of all time.

The entire AFI Top 100 List should be ticked off of anyone’s must-see list. These are just a few of my favorites. I’d like to go into more detail about each one, but this should be sufficient for now.


Today was a good day. I did some work. I did some blog. I did some art.

I got an email from a friend. She showed me some shots she took recently of a cute little girl we’ll call “Camembert”. It was some really good work. The little girl is this gorgeous, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little seraphim. Her mother is a gorgeous woman who was in a couple of the shots.

I asked my friend what she was doing today. She said, “i’m almost done editing Camembert … the perfect lil mormon family.”

To which I responded, “Get fucking real. How can attractive people believe such hogwash?”

Friend response: “really.  mormonism = hogwash?” Then she sited that they were really good people. Sure, Mormon people are good people. That doesn’t mean that Mormon religion isn’t hogwash.

I explained that mormons are good because of their culture. On top of their goodness, they believe a lot of bizarre rubbish that has been proven completely insane. If they could live in their culture without believing the wackiness, they’d still be good people.

When are we — as a human race — going to stop believing in bullshit while cultivating good habits and behaviors.

Non-theism is living moral and well without the farce.