From Cynical-C Blog – » Michael Jackson Link Roundup

I thought Cynical C’s post was most apropos than any of the tweets and facebook garbage I’ve seen today. Namely that more people care about MJ than what’s going on in Iran.

Cynical-C Blog – » Michael Jackson Link Roundup .

The online catalog of what was auctioned from Neverland.

Captain Eo on YouTube.

The King is Dead: Lefsetz on the passing of Michael Jackson:

He missed his childhood and now he’s gonna miss his old age.

How fucked up is that?

Michael Jackson never had a chance. He had to succeed for his family, his parents’ dreams were dependent upon him.

And a boy with that much pressure delivers. He works truly hard, so he will be loved. That’s all Michael Jackson was looking for, love.

He wanted to be accepted. Wanted to be so good that he couldn’t be denied. But you can’t change family history, and the public no longer treats you as human, as an equal, once you break through. People want to rip you off or tear you down, or shower you in faux love that’s more about their unfulfilled desires than yours. It gets so confusing that you retreat.

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Why Do Christians Want Health Insurance?

I’m linking a redirect this morning to this fine blog post from vJack about: Why Do Christians Want Health Insurance?.

I wonder why believers would want healthcare in general.

vJack says:

Under my plan, atheists would receive health care at government expense just like what everyone receives in the counties with the highest quality health care systems. Christians and believers of other absurdities would automatically be placed on the Prayer Care Plan. This plan would not cost the government (or anyone else) anything at all. When believers got sick, they would pray for recovery. It’s really that simple.

I grew up in southern Christian culture. Sunday school teachers, school teachers, my parents and strangers told me all about the grandeur of heaven. And yet I knew even then that none of Christ’s followers are dying to get there (paronomasia intended). Why wouldn’t they want to get there? In my little mind, I thought it was bizarre that sick Christians wouldn’t welcome their sickness. I thought it was odd that Christians would desperately avoid the inevitable.

The formula seemed simple:5199_102565456835_635616835_2542322_6083812_n

  • Earth time is finite.
  • Heaven time is infinite.
  • Therefore, go to heaven first and get ready to enjoy the Earth timers when they arrive. In infinite time that wouldn’t be very long. Right?

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