Testimony — I am a rational person

I think this story from a guy nicknamed “LonestarGrandad” from “why won’t god cure amputees” is worth passing forward.

In particular, I like how the lonestargrandad says, “I am not a Christian, I am not a sinner, I am not a rebel, I am not an atheist.  I am a rational person.”

Why did he come to this conclusion? Because he developed an allergy as a young man. Instead of those with “knowledge” in the church giving him the simple answer to his allergy, they prayed over him. Sent him magical cloths. He ended up being miserable, because at a moment’s notice, he might swell up and resemble elephant man. He couldn’t figure out the reason.

He could have avoided a world of adolescent misery and shame if he just went to the doctor.

Pass it along.

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