John Loftus: If God Knows How to Get My Attention Why Doesn’t He Do So?

This will be my REALLY lazy post of the day.

I’ve started several entries talking about John Loftus over at “Debunking Christianity” blog. An entry today asks: If God Knows How to Get My Attention Why Doesn’t He Do So?.

In it, he discusses a recent interaction with a “bible-thumping Christian.” The post stands out, but a lot of Loftus’ do. I haven’t looked further into his claims that a religion professor at some college uses his book as a textbook. But if it’s true, it’s kind of cool.

In the post, he says this about his conversation with said bible thumper:

“Don’t quote the Bible to me. Just think about what you’re saying. Does the Holy Spirit know how to get my attention?” He said that “it depended on whether I reject the Spirit or not.” “But even if I rejected it can the Holy Spirit get my attention anyway, like what supposedly happened to Paul who was so hard-hearted that he was even persecuting Christians? Can he get my attention like his supposedly got Moses’ attention with a burning bush? Can he get my attention like he did with Gideon, or many others?” Joe had to admit that I was right, “yes he knows how to get your attention.” Then I simply asked him: “If God knows how to get my attention why doesn’t he do so? It’s not that I don’t want to believe. I am open to the evidence just like I’m open to the evidence that there is a tunnel in the town of Orland. It’s just that I cannot believe. I really can’t. It not only doesn’t make sense, there isn’t enough evidence to believe these ancient stories.”

I have a lot of thoughts about this, but I thought I would post first and respond later.

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