Post 100: Nice, France

For my 100th post (Yay!), I’m posting photos. These are people I saw while in Nice, France.

I ask myself a lot, “What is beauty?” Remember, I watch people so you don’t have to.

I wonder about beauty, because I have friends who qualify it differently than I do. Maybe I’m more forgiving. But I don’t mind the blemishes. No one is perfect. But I think it’s the photographer’s job to create beauty. It’s as much the responsibility of the photographer as it is as the subject.

Wait a second. I think it’s more of the photographer’s job than the subject. Why? Because the photographer should have a toolbox of ways, methods, ideas to hide what we want to hide and show what we want to show. I don’t look at magazines of pretty people and say, “Ooo la la, how beautiful.” But I’ll walk down the street or through a grocery store, and I’ll point out someone I find attractive to my wife. She’ll tilt her head and say, “Really?” I’ll explain why, and she’ll say, “I might not have seen it.”

Anyway, I really want to do more portraiture, so if you want shots of you done for a nice price, now’s the time.

The photos I’m showing aren’t portraiture. They are paparazzi style long-lens shots. All of these people I find attractive, in their own ways.

Dip below the fold to view more shots (some show human nipples, so they are NSFW in the USA.)

You can also click on images to make them bigger.


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