Hope You Brought Something with You to Read

I have a busy day today. My cousin is coming over to have me shoot some art that she wants to submit to ArtPrize. I need to finish outputing a wedding video for a friend. I didn’t do a creative edit on this one, so don’t expect to see any of it.

I really want to figure out ways to sell art for my artistic friends. I’ve been looking into developing an online store for some time. I think I’m getting closer.

Picture 2In the meantime, I’ve been reading a book recommended by a friend in North Carolina. It’s from Wayne Dyer called, “Excuses Begone.” It’s my first paid-purchase download onto my iPhone. According to my friend, the book is really changing his life, thoughts and ideas about the world. I get really excited about people who admit to personal changes. I’m reading it so I can share in his joy from afar, and hopefully learn something about myself in the process.

Our wedding officiant told my wife and I something that really stuck with us. He explained that expressing vulnerabilities is a powerful way to remain intimate. When intimacy seems to hide itself from a marriage, expressing vulnerabilities is a way to reconnect at that powerful — some call it spiritual — level. I think sharing moments like reading and empathizing with friends and family are ways to increase intimacy between friends as well.

I’m probably a quarter way through the book, but the ideas that stand out are a discussion of 1) EGO — edging god out and 2) the focus of exploring how memes infect/affect the psyche, how to identify them, and how to move them out of the noggin.

I’ve also been turned onto a photography service called, “Smugmug.” I’m trying to research it so I can better explain it and better use it to promote my work.

I desperately need to edit some more DreamHome video. And I’m behind with another project I’ve been working on with a couple colleagues. I have some up at my youtube.com/r25productions channel.

I’ve also been reading the hell out of this blogger: Jeremy Styron, who recently came out of the non-theist closet, only a year after writing on his blog that in the very least, he was agnostic deist*.

Today might be slow at the café. Drop a response to let me know what you’re reading or inspired by today so I can add another thing to my todo list.

*edited thanks to correction from Jeremy Styron (thanks!).