Bush Song

It’s amazing how much work I’ve done that I’ve never shown, because I was afraid of what friends or family might think of me.

Here’s a video that I showed to almost no one. When I look back, I can’t believe I was able to animate the mouths of the pictures like I did. There’s some (really) bad editing in the video, but all in all, I should have done more with it.


Any 5 year olds want to explain the problem to the Discovery Institute? : Pharyngula

If you’re not aware, there is a noggin war between evolutionists versus creationists. This is a great post from PZ Myers about how creationists time and time again do are not truthful about their claims.

Any 5 year olds want to explain the problem to the Discovery Institute? : Pharyngula.

What I don’t understand about “Intelligent Design” proponents, is even if they can prove the world is intelligently designed, how can they conclude that it was the Judeo/Christian version of deity? It seems like the ID’ers are blowing a lot of hot air, and in the event they they are magically proven right, they have to figure out how to prove it was their god and not someone else’s

Sisyphus had an easier task.

Pat Brice.

I used to be very involved in the local Chicago comedy scene. I loved it. I co-produced a standup comedy showcase at a local bar on Sunday nights called “The Eclipse.” We had real talent go through that room, and I’ve seen people go onto make some real progress. When I went to other bars to watch their shows, they always let me in for free, because I was one of them. They adopted me, in a way. I wanted desperately for those guys to want to work with me. Many wanted to, but most shied away.

One of the comics who always treated me like a brother was Pat Brice. He passed away 2 years ago, July 14, 2007. He was my age and I don’t know if I ever heard the real cause of death. From what I remember, he was at a wedding for a friend and breathed his last breath one night.

This web site/blog was erected in his honor. It showcases some of the work that actually made it to recording or tape. He is missed.

Pat Brice » Blog Archive » videos.

Comedy taught me a lot about cynicism. It showed me that the truth is in nuggets of funniness. If you’re afraid of truth, you will be offended. If you want truth, there’s not one single thing that can’t be picked apart by a comedian and not laugh at it.

Pavlovian Saliva

Every time a car honks or a cop car whoop woops! outside my windows, I say, “Your ride’s here” to Tina.

EVERY time.

It makes me laugh. If I don’t do it, Tina says, “Um, did you wanna tell me something?”

What’s something Pavlovian you do every time it happens?