Science-Based Medicine

Over at Science-Based Medicine, Val Jones got a chance to sit down with James Randi. I dig Randi. He’s a debunker of quackery and he leads the discussion on providing solid information to the public forum. He has a made a standing offer of $1 million to “to any person who can demonstrate any psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability under satisfactory observing conditions.”

To this date, no one has won the prize, despite accusations that the prize money doesn’t exist, or that the conditions are too difficult, etc. Randi releases short videos often where he exposes a magic trick, or talks about how dousing doesn’t work (for example).

I appreciated the callout quote that Jones highlighted at the end of her post when she asked Randi “why people believe in magic, fantasy, and the paranormal?” His response:

Ultimately it’s not about intelligence or lack thereof. It’s about people not wanting to accept that life is random, suffering is inevitable, and there is no good reason for bad things happening.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the book you’re reading or the topic you’re studying, James Randi’s site is like for information regarding the paranormal, pseudoscience and all things woo woo.

Either that, or you could take your advice from these guys: