Another Vestigial Structure

grasping instinct

Just saw this at Jerry Coyne’s blog. Vestigial structures (click here for wiki) are fascinating. Goosebumps, hiccups, male nipples and male uterus-es all connect us to our animal ancestors. A friend of mine told me about the moro reflex recently and I decided to have a baby of my own to try it. Now all I gots to do is get my lady prego.

Thanks to Coyne’s post yesterday, I get to add a baby’s auto grasp of hands and feet(!) to my list of fun vestigial reflexes.

My question, what’s your favorite vestigial structure/reflex?

Further reading: “Why Evolution is True” by Jerry Coyne and “Why Darwin Matters” by Michael Shermer.

Full repost of text from Coyne below the fold:

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Page Views Tops 300 | Thank You, Boobs and Michio Kaku!

A Blue Footed Booby
A Blue Footed Booby

Bravo to you helping to send Le Café Witteveen’s page views to over 300 since last Saturday. That’s over three hundred in less than a week. I’ve only told four people about this blog, so I’m enthused.

I may have cheated by tagging the word “boobs” a couple times.

Man, that word is popular in search engines. You’d think that pornography would be more popular than it is.

It makes me feel better that “michio kaku” was also a major search engine word.

I might repost the wiki for vagina and see what kind of brilliant surge I can get.

Happy Friday.

Here’s a picture of me and my phone.