Lie on My Couch — for FREE!!

Everyone exhibits some kind of neurosis sometimes. This guy I knew growing up checked the lock on his gym locker so many times it was like he was milking a cow teat. He’d leave the locker room, and have to return or look back to make sure it was locked. Oddly enough, we went to a “christian” school. Why did we need locks in the first place? It was always a scandal when someone’s wallet was stolen. I found it incredibly ironic that locks were necessary.

One of my neurotic synapse misfires is a sort of turrets. There are triggers that make me say a phrase, like, “I love you.” I don’t know it until it’s out of my mouth. One of the triggers is a train passing, which is often, because the CTA Red and Purple lines run through my backyard. I think my subconscious has the feeling no one is listening. I’ve done it since I was little. When I mowed a lawn, the sound of the engine would sort of cover up my voice. I could say what I wanted.

I obsess over locked doors at night. I also obsess over my own heartbeat, because it scares me when I’m still. The more I think about it, the more my mind mistakes it for something ominous. It’s bizarre. It makes sleeping very difficult.

I have more, that I am unable to think of right now. I’ll add them if I think of them.

What’s your OCD or neural issue of choice?


I was trying to watch a painfully awful “debate” between YouTube sensation ThunderfOOt and Ray “BananaMan” Comfort this morning. It’s awful. Ray Comfort has years of entertainment experience and ThunderfOOt is too docile and polite to do any harm to Ray’s trump card, “God did it.”

I stumbled on this gem of an interview below, that eased the pain of the Thunder/Comfort debacle. It actually answers questions rather than features two bumbling mouths stumble over the silliness of Ray “Lead Me NOT to Think” Comfort.

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