Let Me Show You My Glass

I just rummaged through my lenses, because a friend of mine is buying a new camera today. She asked me what my workhorse lens was.


My favorite professional lens is a 70 to 200 mm. It’s expensive glass and it shows in images.

425812My second favorite is a 17 to 55 that I use on my second camera during shoots. It has a little bit of a zoom, but no noticeable wide angle bend even at 17 mm. I like it better than my 16 to 35 mm that cost a few hundred more. What I read about the 16 mm to 35 mm was that it wouldn’t bend much. Someone was lying. The outer edges on at 16 mm really distort. In low-light, images get soft the further from the center. I only used it with in well-lighted situations or when I have a flash with the spreader down.

I have an “everyday” 55 mm to 200 mm lens that I throw on when I go out in public so people don’t run for cover. It’s a pretty good lens, and apparently it’s not sold anymore. I can’t find a photo. The 70 to 200 mm described above looks like a small telescope. It’s intimidating to see in everyday situations. It looks like I can see through your underpants with it.

Otherwise, I have a fisheye, a 50 mm macro, and a LensBaby that’s fun to use. It’s not a true tiltshift, but it does okay.


The other essential items in my toolbox are my flashes. I have a remote sensor and can put them anywhere in a 25 foot radius (hey! r25!) of my camera and use them as fill or highlight. It’s hands-down essential to my work.

I posted twice today. Look at me.

Computers Suck

My main machine is giving me a heap-a-trouble today. It’s been giving me hints of issues for a while, but it came to a head on Friday. It seems I overwhelm the bus with too many peripherals. So I have nothing for you today, but this lousy update.

I thought of another example of  OCD that I exhibit. Every time I’m in a store that sells pens, I have to forceable stop myself from buying a pack. It’s a weird compulsion. When I’m home, there are so many pens. I still have pens that walked home with me from when I worked at The Merchandise Mart in 2001.

Go think on that for a second. Done? Great. Go back to work.