Biggie Gee

I like this post from Hemant Mehta. He’s been exploring syndicated columns from Billy Graham. The question he posted was a person asking what the bible says about extra terrestrial life. Graham’s response is that the bible concerns only earthly life and god’s love for said earthly life.

Mehta response, “Not that it matters what the Bible says on this issue anyway… it didn’t have anything to say about DNA or HIV, either, but science has plenty to to say on those subjects. Why not place some trust in the process that produces results?”

This is why I enjoy science. It’s relevant. It’s necessary. And it affects what’s going on now. It doesn’t try to impose 2,000 to 6,000 year old culture onto today’s zeitgeist. It uses the old culture as building blocks for today’s relevant issues.

Even if a person argues that science is a religion, which I wholeheartedly disagree with, I’d certainly enjoy a revival at a science-based event much better than a Billy Graham revival every day of the week.

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