Today’s Forecast: Headache with a Chance of Masturbation in a Cup

Today has been a long day. I’ve been returning to a thread on facebook started by a friend of mine. This was yesterday. I can’t embed the video that was posted, but you can watch it here. It tells how liberals want to socialize (MONSTERS!) everything. It says that the liberals are responsible for the economy. The video blasts liberals and hails conservatism. The caption that my “friend” added was that this was the topic of church on Sunday and that it validated the church’s goal.

drI was appalled.

I could care less about preaching politics from the pulpit. What has to stop is: the right demonizes the left and the left demonizes the right.

My favorite part of the discussion — apart from telling some dude the line from a poem I wrote “Loud tolls the bells of cognitive dissonance” — was my response to my “friend” when he told me how disappointed he was in my current behavior and status in life. He then apologized for being offensive.

My response:

I certainly don’t mind your remarks and disappointment. There is nothing you can convey that hasn’t been said by my family. Their disappointment and shame has been expressed in ways unimaginable.

On the other hand, I’m proud of who I’ve become after years of discovery, research and active seeking. The continued discovery alleviates the hurt of familial disappointment.

You’ve all heard before, there comes a time when one must examine the “facts” we were born into and did not choose. Our parents & teachers taught us only what they knew as truth, a fact that happens everywhere on earth in every variance of culture. If we perpetuate taught information, it is our responsibility to know as precisely as possible where it came from.

We were taught not to be happy with those who leave the fold. We are taught to fear that which we cannot see. It befuddles me why this doesn’t throw red flags. But I think I understand why it is this behavior exists.

I hope that the end of perpetuating harmful religious memes for the sake of invisible deities and dysfunctional doctrine soon ends.

I hope there is a day when the statement “god is love” is attributed to a genuinely good and loving statement, and not one that has a pre-existing condition. I hope that day would be followed by, “humanity is love, there is no need for ‘gods'”.

I hope that day would be followed by an all out orgy.


But today has been long. I have a headache from the thread.

I deleted 11 people from my facebook friend list.

Oh, I also gave a semen sample in a bathroom at Rush Hospital today.

Come on science!