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As a photographer, I rarely see images of me. Here’s me waiting in line for my badge and button before the tour of the heathans through the Creation “Museum”. I was likely taking this image.

Thanks evodevo_mike!

PZ discusses Creation Musuem

You can read his criticism here.

Some highlights:

The guards are a clear example. Real museums have guards, of course: they’re there to protect valuable exhibits from theft and vandalism. But real museums want their guards to be discreet and not interfere with the attendees appreciation of the exhibits. At the Creation “Museum”, one of the jobs of the guards is to suppress criticism. They hover about in rather conspicuous uniforms, armed with tasers, and some use police dogs to check out the visitors. They don’t want dissent expressed in their building, and they admit it themselves.


Think about the genuine museums you might have visited. Can you imagine the curators at the American Museum of Natural History being concerned that someone might openly disagree with an exhibit? Do you think Niles Eldredge bustles about the museum, shushing anyone who questions the displays? Would they turn away a visitor wearing a Jesus shirt, or one that baldly declared evolution is false? At real museums, the attitude would range from indifference to active encouragement of discussion. The Creation “Museum” cannot tolerate that.


Again, no science anywhere in there, just reasoning after the fact from a pre-determined conclusion. Everything written in the Bible must be literally true, so since 1 Corinthians and Genesis teaches that Eve was the mother of all people, no other interpretation is possible but that Cain had to marry another child of his mother and father.

I would repost the entire text, but I’d rather you went and explored PZ’s blog for yourselves.

More about my experience should be ready soon.

More Photos from Creation Museum #creozerg

Something the Creation Museum has going for it is the botanical garden and petting zoo. At least these are places that are attractive without shoving an agenda in guests’ faces. Although, I have to say, the animals in the petting zoo were a metaphor for the creation literalists’ agendas: they were drugged to docility, caged to servility and the idea was to have children attracted to their beguiling civility. These animals would not have been so kind had they been approached in nature.

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A Minister with a Penchant for Healthy Criticism

I just saw that a minister had joined the group at the Creation “Museum”. I’m really enjoying his posts and his responses to other posts about the day.

Especially this one.

I want to read more, but for now, I’ll let you go check out his words. This is the kind of minister I can support. I read a couple of pastor’s blogs, but this one might move up to the top of the list.