Creation “Museum” Eyesore

So if this beast was so close in proximity to the “museum” facility, how come we couldn’t update twitter while inside?

For $27 million, maybe they lined the walls with solid gold. Hell, Solomon built his kingdom with less opulence. 🙂 Well, certainly less cell phone towers at least.


The Natural and The Supernatural, Michael Shermer

Over at Skepticblog, Michael Shermer discussed “The Natural and the Supernatural.”

It goes hand in hand with the visit to the Creation “Museum” last week. My favorite part of the post is (emphasis mine), “Unfortunately, religions routinely make claims about the natural world that are in direct conflict with the scientific evidence. Young-Earth Creationists, for example, believe that the world was created around 6,000 years ago, about the same time that the Babylonians invented beer. These claims cannot both be correct, and anyone who thinks the former is right has relegated all of science (along with brains) to the dumpster of life.”

I was taught young earth creationism. When a young earther forces ideas like The Grand Canyon was formed in less than 4 years, it’s time to revisit what you’ve been taught. If they claim that scientifically, a canyon could be formed in less than four years, this would be demonstrable. Why aren’t creationists demonstrating this proof? With all their claims that there is no proof of evolution, creationists claiming canyon formation in less than four years on some scale would be as easy boiling an egg.

Hourly Income

I’m tired of the debate over healthcare. It’s not because I agree with the democrat or republican side. I’m tired, because those people who tell other people what to think make too much money to be influencing average Americans. I looked up how much Rachel Maddow, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann. They seem to be the heavy hitters on the networks that punish us the most with diametrically opposed sides. Right?

Well, I can’t find Maddow’s. I found something for Olbermann. $7.5 Million/year. Glenn Beck recently signed a $50 million over 5 years. So Beck is coming in at $10 million a year. And Limbaugh makes $14,000 an hour. And O’Reilly is in this high paygrade as well.

Did you read what I just wrote?

$14,000 an hour!*

All of these people are paid entertainment style wages. That puts them in leagues with actors and sports stars. And Oprah Winfrey.

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