Jonathan Cohn on Healthcare Reform

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I’m not able to embed Comedy Central videos on WordPress. But you watch the interview by clicking here.

My biggest beef with the right-wing expression of disgust with healthcare reform is how hypocritical it is. Yes, I understand they don’t want government peddling healthcare. But the alternative right now is awful. Healthcare costs are high. The insured numbers are decreasing. And nice Christians like my family in North Carolina receive bill after bill for sums of money far beyond their ability to pay.

Churches have been in the business of spreading Jesus for how many years now, and the best they can do for the sick is pass a collection plate and offer an empty prayer on their behalf? Maybe they visit the sick in the hospital and organize the delivery of a few casseroles to the family of a sick person. Meanwhile Christians build the largest churches and drive the best cars and SUVs, live in the best homes, and say they follow Christ … well, the rich pretty version of Christ and not the poor, do gooder, dirty version. You know, the one who didn’t write any thing down. The one who preached against wealth and flaunting over-zealot behavior.

If the right-wing hypocrits are so pissed off, why don’t they redirect their efforts and tithes and save the people who need it most here on earth? Why don’t they come up with a Jesus-based healthcare reform that helps them appear more “Christ-like” and less like a bunch of whiny douchbags?

Attempts at Rational Behavior

Picture 10I’m quite sure that the blog “Attempts at Rational Behavior” and the mind behind it are some of my favorite things right now. I haven’t figured out her method of discovering (I’m still new to Twitter) and posting the tweets she posts, but the quick header commentary and the gems she finds make for provocative — often funny and sometimes sad — moments.

I think I was unclear about Twitter and its value before the trip to the Creation “Museum”. Now it’s clearer, and a lot more fun.

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