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I want to keep my blog at 9,500 hits. It took a long time to get here. I had to go on another computer and click refresh 9,500 times. But thanks to me and a little sexy clicky time perseverance … bum bum bah … 9,500 hits.

Thanks to my brain and pointy finger for making it all possible. I couldn’t have done it with out a few beers and a complete lack of honesty, and a lot of self-beguiling tomfoolery.

NOOOO! I owe it all to you. Thanks for stopping by and come back any time.

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Reform Your Thoughts

Image taken while visiting a loved one in the hospital.
Image taken while visiting a loved one in the hospital.

I was befriended on facebook by a minister after standing up for the liberal point of view on a “friend’s” wall a couple weeks ago. The minster has a world-wide ministry and approaches the world as a liberal. I admire that in him. He posted yesterday that he voted yes to healthcare reform and wrote this after the giant green check mark:

“Scott voted ‘Yes ‘ in the poll! Seems like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Savage have started to incite the people who follow them and they are marching to their orders in dysfunctional manners. They believe the dishonesty of these talk-show hosts who are making their billions off of their radio station programs, and have completely great health-care plans of their own … Read Morethat they can afford. They don’t even think about the millions of Americans who don’t and cannot afford the current health care programs that make both the Insurance Companies, the Medical and Pharmaceutical companies worth billions more. This whole Health Care business is simply that …. a wealthy business that people are invested in at the expense of our middle-class, lower-middle (like us), and lower class citizens’ backs. They have no shame and they are acting like they will fight to the death to protect, or at least shout to death in protecting these greed-mongers!”

There was a guy who responded — that some time after I responded deleted his comment. He made some comment like, “Sorry, brother. I can’t agree with you. I guess I’m part of the dysfunctional part of your family.” While I’m glad the guy spoke up, he completely misunderstood Scott’s intent.

My response to Scott was:

I wholeheartedly support your affirmative position and support the words you used to criticize the demonizers of this plan. The thought leaders should be ashamed of what they are promoting. If people realized how much money pours into production of the shows they listen to and watch, they’d be appalled. There are those who don’t want government peddling healthcare. Who then is going to sell all they have and give it to the poor, to the disabled, to the handicapped and to the sick? Who? I don’t understand a nation of voices so bent on declaring it “Christian” yet so adamantly opposed to acting like Christ.

Thank you for your expressing this in a sober voice despite the cacophony of chaos.

I feel a little guilty for not admitting to anyone my godlessness, but at the same time, that’s exactly how I feel about the whole shenanigan. A woman responded to me and said that she works in an office that counsels women on pregnancy, but it is not absent of offering abortions. She said that if women could get the $1600 necessary to have the child, they would more often than not, go ahead and have the child and give it up for adoption.

As an adoptee, I know first hand that the decision of a mother affects the fate of a little critter. I’m sincerely grateful for those in my little 17-year old mother’s life who counseled her to have me and give me up for adoption.

This was my response to the nice lady who mentioned her role in the pregnancy counseling:

“Yes, Kathi! I think what you said is a microcosm example of the variety of issues that could be alleviated if those in need just had the money. What a difference it would make if money wasn’t the factor for getting healthcare and health advice.

I extend a warm and sincere thank you to for what you do day to day. I was adopted (31 years ago). And heaven knows my 17 year old mother dealt with all kinds of heartache when she got pregnant. It’s people like you who helped her decide-essentially-my fate.

As a liberal, I’m devastated that we’re thought of as baby-killin’ sinners without morals or ethics. Has the right really cornered the market on what’s moral? Who is throwing the 1st stone? It really is time to stop demonizing the other party without fully understanding the motivation behind the efforts. It’s also time to send money addicts to greed anonymous and work together for the common good on a human level.”

Right now, I think those moments are the only reason I look at my account. I could care less that you picked up your children and are going to the park.