Chicago’s Going Down, Down, Down … Chitown’s going down!

This is an evidence of my point here. Someone posted this video in response to my gay pride video from this year’s parade.

God told her to tell me that he is going to destroy Chicago.

It is not a joke.

It’s six minutes and 42 minutes of cheap lion sex growls, some dude’s vision he rec’d from god, destructive imagery from the bible (oh no!) and some really awful graphics.

4 thoughts on “Chicago’s Going Down, Down, Down … Chitown’s going down!

  1. My name is Shatera Leonard and you bet your behind that this is no joke. Despite my efforts the Lion sound is to represent the tribe of JUDAH which are the NEGROES here in America. I posted the video. Veteran of the United States Army and a believer in The Most High God and his son Christ. You will not be laughing when this happens.

  2. Shatera, I’m so glad you stopped by.

    You’re completely welcome here.

    Your views are verifiably nuts, but that’s what you teach each other to think as somehow positive. You can provide no proof for such pejorative views.

    Rest assured, there probably is no god and there’s no reason for thinking there’s going to be a magical day when lions roar and Chicago is destroyed by a magic psycho in the sky. And if there is, he/she/it is not going to do what you think he/she/it is going to do.

    He/she/it is going to get angry at you for being assocaiated with such a dumb video.

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