Invisible Mysteries versus Visible Atrocities


I woke up earlier than usual this morning and saw a response on facebook from my friend Steve who serves in the marines and lives in Germany with his wife. He had responded to  this quote I found yesterday as a status update:

“So let me get this straight: liberals protest war; conservatives protest health care. Ok. Just wanted to be clear.”

He responded by saying, “The problem with this whole heath care thing is that most people (Democrat or Republican) haven’t read the bill. Both sides are scared of untrue things that were sent to them via email chain letters… And the bill isn’t even finalized yet… or at least that is what I’ve heard in Germany since yesterday…”

I gave him my schpiel about how a group of people so bent on declaring it a “Christian” nation have the hardest time acting like Christ.

I’d like to clarify what I mean, because I don’t know why Christians don’t change their name to Paulians. More often than not, “Christians” quote Paul. This is a guy who had a vision of Christ on the road to Damascus. He never met Jesus. But the bible’s “followers” claim that the holy spirit guided Paul, and he got to know Jesus through the disciples. If you don’t know the entire story, go look it up. There’s a world of information at your finger tips.

Today, if a person has a “vision of Christ”, most people (believers and non) will discount it as untrue. I’m not including the holy rollers, because it’s scientific fact: they’re NUTS.IMG_0865

In fact, there’s a lot of things that are determined “untrue”, based solely on invisible mysteries. It seems that Christians spend a lot of time discounting invisible mysteries that happen today, but put a lot of stock in the invisible mysteries that happened during the magical time of Jesus’ day, particularly the time after his death. I could care less about the trivialities of eye witness accounts, how long it took men to write down their versions of the stories and all that Lee Strobel nonsense.

What matters to me is that Jesus never wrote anything down. The written stories of Jesus are ones that appear to threaten the lifestyles of most people who say they follow “Christ”. Yet most of the dogma, the tradition, the rules of the game were determined by a man who had a vision. If they weren’t determined by Paul, they were interpreted by men who interpreted Paul. And this is where my view of reality starts casting incredible doubt over the whole enchilada. Yeah, I know. The holy spirit took care of all Paul needed to know. Really? I wish the holy spirit would teach his followers all they needed to know so they’d stop arguing over invisible mysteries.

Shoot. I wish the spirit would teach me how to fix my car so I didn’t feel bent over like Marsellus Wallace in the Pulp Fiction rape scene every time I bring my car in for repair.

I didn’t get following Paul as a Christian. I don’t get it now.

“That means you weren’t a real Christian”

I know. I get it. I wasn’t a real follower of Christ. I didn’t worship enough. I didn’t pray enough. I didn’t plead enough with the mysteries of invisibility enough. I have over 16 years of Christian education (elementary school through college). You obviously didn’t see me witnessing and praying my ass off for the non-Christians I met with. You didn’t see me crying on the phone to dudes I thought were going to hell. I was a zealot. And I’m glad I’ve retired that part of me.

Obviously, I rebelled against god, because I wanted to live a life of sin. My life of sin includes being devoted to my wife in a monogamous relationship. I’m active in my community and give to the needy. I promote moral and ethical behavior in myself and my neighbors. I know … REBELLIOUS!

While I was in Cincinnati, I gave a dollar to a homeless guy who was using pennies and nickels that he poured out of a styrofoam cup to pay for a beer. What have you done today?

What the fuck is your point, Jeremy?

My point: Stop debating over whether your invisible mysteries are more correct than the next guy’s.

Focus instead on the visible atrocities. Focus on human dignity, the needy and bettering someone’s quality of life. Stop meddling in the affairs of others who claim to have invisible mysteries, and determining that their invisibles deserve bloodshed.

If the people — who hold up signs like the one below — win, we all lose.

The bottom part of the sign says “Death to Obama, Michelle & 2 stupid kids."
The bottom part of the sign says “Death to Obama, Michelle & 2 stupid kids."

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