“Australian” Cartoons ≠ Funny

Yesterday, my dad sent me an email that purportedly contained editorial comics that are ONLY printed in Australia, because they would be too controversial to print in the United States. The first one was all I needed to see to know that the entire email was complete bull shit. Here it is:


My old man is smart. He’s probably more well-read than anyone I know. He can read a 300-page book in one sitting, and be able to give you a detailed book report on its contents. And he reads copious amounts of books. His addiction is second-hand books. He will walk in a bookstore and leave with a paperbag of mildewy yellow pages, read them in less than a week. My mom is forced to collect the books and burn them for warmth in the winter.

It’s surprising that he would be so whimsical to forward emails without doublechecking their facts first.

Father Background Exposition, CHECK.

Back to the “Australian” comics. FOX News isn’t a universalism. Australians wouldn’t know what the fuck FOX News was, just like we wouldn’t know what their local news networks were. A quick google search of McCoy’s name revealed that he’s an American Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist working right here in the good ol’ U. S. of A.

Here is another work by McCoy where he portrays Obama standing on a trash bin of aborted babies (isn’t it cute?):


Yes, the comic is repellant, but there is something sufficiently satisfying about it. Nothing is sacred. It’s controversial. It’s violent. Therefore it’s American. I can stomach this kind of thing. But you better not be pissed off when I criticize what you hold dear either. Enough said about Glenn “Righty Tighty” McCoy.

My dad has been sending me a lot of poorly researched emails. There was one earlier this summer that featured a “prison in the outskirts of Chicago.” It was trying to show how the leadership of this state are so corrupted that they would build a prison that appeared better than any hotel you’ve ever stayed in. Snopes.com said it was a hoax. The facility was a mental institution in Europe.

All I did was copy and paste the subject line into Google.com, and I could verifiably falsify the claim within seconds.

So my dad sent me these Australian cartoons. I verified they aren’t Australian, nor are their cartoonists, and I return an email explaining my find.

My dad responded with, “It’s a right-wing conspiracy!”

I was in a bad mood yesterday, and I typed up probably the worst/best response I’ve ever emailed to him. I know there are a lot of holes in my logic.

My rationalization for emailing him was that he talks to me all the time presenting his views in which I don’t get a word in edgewise. I think it’s certainly fair that I have an opportunity to speak my mind once in a while.

In previous posts, I’ve already talked about the hypocrisy of those who say they follow Christ, but somehow exclude themselves from his teachings and life story (regardless of what you believe to be true).

I’ve made it a priority not to bring up money my dad “borrowed” from me. He’s borrowed thousands of dollars, and I have no doubt that it will never be seen again. I can’t get past the fact that he would have no problem “borrowing” money from a person like me who was trying to get his feet on the ground with my business, but he allows himself to be convinced by assholes on TV that Obama’s a socialist Nazi who is anti-American and racist toward white people. Network news personalities are people who’s medical bills are a drop in the bucket regarding their incomes, and yet they have their gullible constituency convinced that Obama is the demon. How cute.

I can’t tell you how many times I could use the ten grand he stole from me to pay for all kinds of things. Right now, it’d be nice to have while Tina and I are exploring our options with fertility.

Elektra Complex of the Day: Air Out Your Dirty Laundry

So here’s some of the email for your voyeuristic reading pleasure. This is not how it began. I promise I eased into this part of the head bashing:

You’ve asked ME for money. ME? You had no problem asking a poor piece of shit like me for 1000s of dollars, but the awful, awful rich people who make zillions, they’re exempt from extending a little helping hand in time of need!

I am RIGHTEOUSLY INDIGNANT about that FACT and have every right to be.

Like in “Animal Farm,” It’s that some men are more equal than others so they get a contract for $50,000,000 (MILLION!!!) for five years of blathering their mouth, while us less equal people get to wallow in bills. And you of all people know what kind of overhead it takes to support talking heads that are awarded such contracts. And you still support those idiots?

For almost 8 years, liberals protested an expensive, religious war. You said it yourself it was a religious war. The war has been exposed as religious (see Rumsfeld briefings). Now that Obama’s in office, the conservatives are protesting health care and saying Obama is going to lead this country into the shitter, when your almighty cowboy “everyman” lead this country right down the tubes whilst blasting holes in the middle east.

You guys protest health care.

We protest war.

Killing muslims or vaccinating children like [your grandchildren]? I choose [your grandchildren].

Murdering, raping and pillaging afghanis or helping [your own family] through this economic downturn started and perpetuated by BOTH parties.

If another country attacks those rights, than hell yeah, we should beat the shit out of them. But it shouldn’t be a result of whether your deity is better than their deity.

Hmm, which side would I want to be on? It’s a no brainer

Both sides are awful sons of bitches and I don’t watch either side on TV. I have written record that I’ve been hard on Obama since Nov. 21. All politicians and thought leaders are so full of shit it makes sewers envious. All those people — both in front of and behind the cameras who simply won a sort of life lottery — they need to stop being treated like gods among men. They make zillions of dollars a year, despite this recession. A medical bill is a drop in the bucket when money runs through a firehose into their wallets.

And people idolize these people like gods and deem them more important than their own families.

But if you walked down my block or picked up the phone and talked to your own loved ones with a little touch of compassion and humility, you’d know that they (the writers, the politicians, the TV producers and those people yakkin’ their jaws) are all full of shit. The most important people are all around you. They don’t glow on a TV screens, because they’re just like you. And they deserve a little help with their health and happiness. Hell, they deserve it much more (I’m thinking way way more) than those morons on TV.

We deserve it more than paying for a centuries old war between religions.

Re-Evaluate what you invest your time in, your own family or the whiny temperamental idiots (all personal characteristics you taught me NOT to exhibit in public) on TV and the radio who could care two shits about whether or not your or your loved ones doctors’ bills are paid.

Imagine saying that to your pa. Awful huh?

I know we wouldn’t be free without men and women in uniform. But I side with those who oppose religious war. I would like to see an end to religion, as to avoid opposition to metaphysical invisible atrocities that are IMPOSSIBLE to prove.

If you want to be religious, don’t call yourself “Christian” and then make me pay for a war that “Christ” would have never fought or made me pay for.

3 thoughts on ““Australian” Cartoons ≠ Funny

  1. So I’m guessing the point is the U.S. liberal media wouldn’t run these right wing cartoons. There’s just the one small problem with that.

    Glenn McCoy, Chuck Asay, Michael Ramirez, Derek T. Devareaux Sam Ryskind and Lisa Benton aren’t Australian, neither is the North County Times or the Times Picayune.




    1. I’m not sure why you were moderated, Randy. Comments have been open for some time and only spam gets filtered. I’lll have to double check that all my settings are correct.

      And yes, I stated above that these are clearly not Australian.

      Thanks for commenting.


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