Examination of Me, as a Redneck, Driving Redneck Vehicles at Two (2) Different Ages

I’m going to do something never done by anyone else EVER in the history of time.

I’m going to examine through photos two pictures of myself. They both are attempts to be a redneck chauffeur. In this next image, I’d be the driver of one fine dump truck. Don’t be alarmed, I don’t drive dump trucks often. It’s just something I thought I might like to try at one point in my life, but I gave it up. Check below the fold to see the image.

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Attempts at Rational Behavior of the Day

I have some blogs started, but nothing great. So I’m reposting an Attempt at Rational Behavior post that made me laugh. Although many of her posts make me giggle.

If you’re not familiar, she pulls tweets from religious people and posts them with a header that includes her commentary. Usually that’s the fare, but some times she posts more, or a video or a quote.

But all the quotes are real items she pulled from Twitter (some times from me when I send her ones from my facebook account).

Stop by and give her a honk. Or a Toot. Or a Honky Toot.

Picture 1