Gay Pride Redux

IMG_6593Wow, I’ve been busy lately. It hasn’t all been work related. But whatever it’s been, it’s distracted me from posting here.

I wanted to revisit some shots from the gay pride parade and post them up.

My wife Tina and I have been talking for some time about publishing a blog that is the contrast of The Sartorialist, because my photography tends to gravitate toward “normal” people.

LIke a lot of women, Tina has followed The Sartorialist with much gusto. I think watching his web site made her a bit nervous about visiting Europe on our honeymoon, because she thought everyone was perfect. It might have helped if Sartorialist pictured a couple women with sensible shoes before we went.

Regardless, I’ve been scouring my photos for “normal” people. There really aren’t many regular people at the gay pride parade, but I tend to get a lot of candids of regular people trying to be chic. So here are a collection of those shots for you to view.

I’m posting more than I would usually, because I want to overwhelm you with stuff to look at, seeing I’ve been so quiet the last couple days.


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