Facebook Can Be Fun!

I have posted a couple times from the blog Attempts at Rational Behavior. Julie, the blog’s brains, and I are friends now on facebook. I recently reposted an awful video that another facebook friend posted that proved god through a dynamic story of a piece of chalk not breaking when dropped by an atheist professor.

I had responded to the video explaining to the “friend” that the video was bullshit. And then I posted it to twitter to share with my atheist friends. Julie posted it to her wall, and one of her believer friends responded. I won’t bore you, with the whole exchange that happened after, but if you’re in the mood for an entertaining read, you can see the whole discussion here.


God’s Messenger: Shatera Leonard

Last weekend I finally got some responses to some posts. Damn if they weren’t from the same person. Remember this video I posted about Chicago going down?

The author of the video responded! Her name is Shatera Leonard and she said this: “My name is Shatera Leonard and you bet your behind that this is no joke. Despite my efforts the Lion sound is to represent the tribe of JUDAH which are the NEGROES here in America. I posted the video. Veteran of the United States Army and a believer in The Most High God and his son Christ. You will not be laughing when this happens.”

She must have been hit with the spirit of the stairway, because she returned and wrote: “It is not my job to make the graphics pretty sir.”

No, I will not be laughing if Chicago is destroyed by an evil jealous and — at the same time — loving sky being. But until that day when that quiet invisible psychotic monster rears his/her/its ugly destructive powers and wreaks havoc over the Windy City, I’m going to continue supporting gay rights in Chicago and around the country. It’s kind of why I decided to revisit the Gay Pride Pictures seen here.

In the meantime, go check out some of Shatera’s videos at YouTube. They’re really exciting and she seems to be on the right side of truth. Yay for her.

I’m pretty sure that Chicago is willing to take one for the team if it means proving — once and for all — that god exists and that he’s so evil that he’d destroy his creation rather than love them unconditionally.

That’s a sure-fire way to win people’s love and honor, murder some to set an example.