Richard Dawkins New Book: “The Greatest Show on Earth”

I finally put in a pre-order for my copy of “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

Now I won’t be as shunned by my godless friends. They were all threatening to use their copies as bats … to beat my head in if I didn’t buy a copy for myself.

It’s already been released in Europe. My photographer pal Pete already bought it, rubbed it in my face and (I think) has powerdrove through the sucker and enjoyed it.

I plan on passing my copy along after reading. Maybe I should buy multiple copies?

I also ordered a family pack of Snow Leopard and the FCP Upgrade (damn you Apple!). I really want one of those new iPod Nanos with a video camera. Must … resist … techgeek … satan … monster.


Update: PZ Myers (you may remember him from the visit to the Creation “Museum”) posted on “The Greatest Show on Earth” today and he says, “There are no more excuses. None.” And later he says:

“Dawkins’ new book is very much a grenade thrown right at the heart of the creationists. The God Delusion was a kind of wake-up slap to shake people into attention, and now The Greatest Show on Earth follows on to pound them into the ground with a fusillade of evidence backed up by sound theoretical explanations. It’s all beautifully explained, too, a kind of elegant overview of the various lines of evidence supporting evolutionary theory, with much of the discussion informed by an awareness of the kinds of denial creationists typically make.”

So pre-order now or travel to Europe and get a copy.

Rachel Maddow and “Creation” the Movie

I particularly like the line, “Don’t you worry about, in the long run, what happens to a country that starts disbelieving all the stuff that has been proven?”

I echo other voices that have said, A movie like “Expelled” can be released in America (and be unsuccessful), but an arthouse picture like this is too “scary” or controversial. For fuck’s sake, how religious is this country?

I’m so naive.

Power Ranger Jesus Rings … Activate

While in Carbondale over the weekend, Michael, Jason, Tina and I bought magical Jesus rings that protected us during our travels. They also excused us from telling people they were hell bound. I think my Jesus ring increased my penis size, and Tina’s ring gave her the god-given perfect boobs she was always meant to have, but didn’t get until she bought a $0.25 ring.

Michael and Jason’s magical powers? They turned straight as arrows, because you know how the bible hates fags.

Yay Magical Jesus Rings … Activate!