How do you like these apples?

I saw this video today at Cynical C. I understand it has an agenda. I understand the kid doing the interviewing is liberal and it’s his bias. But his gentle explanations to the ignorant is great. He’s just explaining the facts. When people hear a few simple facts, they suddenly back peddle. One woman questions her life-long republicanism. Another one says she supports medicare, and then in the very next sentence says she doesn’t support public option.

I mean, for a man holding a sign that says, “Joe Wilson for President” to say the words, “I don’t support Joe Wilson for president.” That’s cognitive dissonance defined. It’s complete insanity.

These people “try” to repeat what they heard on Glenn Beck, and they can’t get that straight either.

Regardless, this is almost 10 minutes of sweet, sweet schadenfreude. There are wack jobs on both sides of the aisle, but I’m quite sure these people are award winning nuts.