Shakesville: Your Truth is Merely Truthiness

I appreciated this post from Melissa McEwan. She spells out her “testimony” and why she is where she is with her distance from religious belief. I thought it was grounded and well thought out. It wasn’t overly critical of “belief”. It just relayed her personal story.

I particular liked this: “Where once I had judgment, I now have compassion. Where once I was creating distance from other people, I now create connection. Where once “being good” meant following rules for personal reward, now it means something very different: I value life, and the humans living it, much more strongly because I view it as finite. I’ve only got this life to get it right.”

Entire blog reposted below. It’s a great short but effective read. Thanks Sunny!
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… and SCENE!

I just drove back from Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s almost midnight. And I’m tired. I woke up this morning at 4. In a sleepy haze, I started going over my presentation that I gave today at 10. Than after that meeting, Tina and I drove three hours to GR to see my maternal grandparents, and then to my paternal grandmother, Aunts and various cousins. It was a nice trip, but Tina and I decided to drive up and return the same day to avoid driving back into awful Chicago traffic on Friday morning. We also drove back to avoid sleeping at my uncle’s house whom we do not know very well.

I can hear your thoughts now. You’re saying, “Why should I give a flying fuck?”

Well, you shouldn’t. I just thought I’d give a long-winded explanation about why there wasn’t any hot business posted on the blog on Thursday. There was a higher than average amount of hits, though, so thanks people who google searched, “pizza”, “noah’s flood” and “female doctor examinating testicles”.

I have a feeling the first person really was searching for “pizza.” But the second two … totally searching for porn. And I’m not talking regular porn. I’m talking dirty, filthy pornography that dudes in locker rooms wouldn’t admit to watching.