Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper

Promise Keepers are men who keep promises.


You’re taking me where? I’ll pass.

Photos sent to me of restaurants with names that make you second guess eating there.

Command click on Mac to open in tabs.

Thick and Thin

One of my friends on facebook makes me laugh a lot.

This is a superficial criticism, but I just saw this photo she uploaded and it reflects her personality. This person is overly consumed by her weight. She updates once a week about fear of aging or about beauty or weight. As a photographer, I find it difficult to criticize people’s looks. There isn’t a model alive who’s perfect. The job of the photographer is to find what is attractive and accentuate it. Then use the tools at hand to manipulate it the best ways possible. Otherwise, what you see is what you get. WYSIWYG!

Whether this girl meant to or not, I would defriend her over this caption below. Because inadvertently, she probably meant this as a backhanded criticism of her friend in pink (she’s the one in white).

Screen shot 2009-09-28 at 9.42.43 PM

Turn on the Tap and Splash Some Refreshing Water on Your Face.

I’m a little distracted catching up on blogs that I have neglected over the past week. I need to work!

But this is a must post and and must watch parody from a Christian who discusses the Discovery Institute and how it’s empowered the Alien Enthusiast movement. It’s a well-done video, pretty entertaining and funny. To verify that the producer is truly a believer, please visit his blog “Beyond the Firmament” and decide for yourself.

I like his Seth MacFarlane-esque voice.