Hear hear! Capitalism is ANTI-Christian

Michael Moore and I really don’t get along all that well.

But on this, I completely agree. I know people who might consider sending it to other people if it weren’t for the fact that everyone thinks Michael Moore is a wackjob most of the time.

Second 55 is the beginning of the quote I’m talking about.


2 thoughts on “Hear hear! Capitalism is ANTI-Christian

  1. Brings back the conversation with my ultra-christian sister from the other night…capitalism is indeed anti-christian. Good can come from capitalism, in the sense of a free market competition…but I like how Moore specifies “our form of capitalism” because that’s a good point to make. In America today you can replace the “selfish greed” with “capitalism” and not skip a beat. It’s a fairly good idea gone bad, and most of it’s lowly supporters do not seem to notice this.

    I heard a good analogy today; competition is good, like in sports–without competition what would a sports game be like. But at the same time sports games are heavily governed by rules and regulations…or else what fun would sports be? Two teams making the rules up as they go?

  2. Thanks, Julie. I was going to specify you as the person who should forward this to your sister, but I wanted to make it more generalized, blanket statement.

    I get this a lot conversation more often lately about Christians and Capitalism. It must be circulating pretty heavily. It drives me bonker shits. Capitalism and Christianity (specifically the message of Christ) conflict. Plain and simple. Christian Capitalist is an oxymoron. Call yourself what you are, and don’t rope the good messages associated with Jesus into the hateful ideas of shafting the poor.

    I don’t think Capitalism is a bad thing. I make my living off of a capitalistic economy. But I don’t call myself a Christian either.

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