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Le Café Witteveen wanted to remind you of some items on the menu. First I want to say that it seems people are confused that many of the photos I upload are my dishes. Sundays are the only days that Michael cooks. I usually cook two out of three meals a day, and try to photograph the meals that turn out best or are new to the menu. So I usually have between 6 and 10 shots that I’ve taken, but I tend to only update with a few as everything doesn’t photograph well.

All that said, two of the photos below are Michael dishes.

This first shot (below) is grilled figs that Michael does. He grills them with a little olive oil, slices and puts over ice cream. Very good. Sorry about the picture quality, I took it in passing and didn’t notice how shitty it was until now. I guarantee you it’s great. I’m uploading, because it’s a great idea to impress friends. Figs are really good for you, and they taste really nice off the grill.

Michael Serfini's Fried Figs
Michael Serfini's Grilled Figs

Below is a dish that Michael prepared for my parents this past Sunday. It’s grilled chicken in pesto with four-cheese raviolis. In the pesto is basil, pistachios, cilantro and lots of olive oil.

Michael Serafini's lemon pesto with grilled chicken
Michael Serafini's lemon pesto with grilled chicken

Finally a dish I did last night. It’s non-sloppy sloppy joes. The half-sandwich is tofu and the full sandwich is beef. Served with slightly sautéed potatoes that I had cooked on the grill during another meal last week*. On the sloppy joe, I added sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese. I made both tofu and beef, because we are trying to eat more vegetarian and I went ahead and experimented with both styles. The tofu version turned out excellent. I added some to a salad for lunch today, which brightened it up.

Integrating more vegetarian dishes into your diet is not only good for you, it decreases your carbon footprint. Try eating vegetarian once a day, if you don’t already. Tina and I are going to remain carnivores, but we have successfully become part-time vegetarians. Usually, two meals are vegetarian per day, and at least two to three days are completely vegetarian per week. For example, I’ve started using mushrooms instead of lunch meats. The taste is excellent. It’s lighter and meaty.

Bon appétit.

Jeremy's Non-Sloppy Sloppy Joes
Jeremy's Non-Sloppy Sloppy Joes
Cooking Non-Sloppy Sloppy Joes and Potatoes
Cooking Non-Sloppy Sloppy Joes and Potatoes

One thought on “Food Photo Blogging

  1. If you like figs I’ve got a recipe that I got from Croatia earlier this year…

    Fresh figs….marinade in prosecco for a few hours, drain and put in dishes…and just serve with fresh marscapone cheese…(give it a bit of a whipping first)..simple but heaven !!

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