Happy Blasphemy Day

I’m off for a shoot downtown today. I’m hoping all kinds of havoc will be wreaked while I’m gone on this Happy Humpday Blasphemy Day.

While I’m shooting people, I’d like to know: What’s your favorite blasphemy? If you could think of one thing that would offend you, what would it be?


4 thoughts on “Happy Blasphemy Day

  1. well we had HUGE amounts of fun giving out way more blasphemy that usual…. my personal fave (NSFW) -http://www.divine-interventions.com/baby.php andhttp://www.divine-interventions.com/jackhammer.html – I think the second is soemthing I once saw in the Exorcist ! I think every Catholic Nun gets one when she marries Jesus !

  2. Laugh.



    That is some awfully offensive blasphemy.

    Did people scream in agony?

    Thanks for rounding up the best of the best!

  3. One of the most bizarre sites I’ve ever found about the virgin Mary was that she impregnated herself, because she was a hermaphrodite with both sets of business. Apparently there’s an account of a person becoming auto-pregnant. Or at least, this web site claimed there was a case of such a thing.

    Auto-sex is great. Auto sex with chance of pregnancy, not so good.

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