Weekend Getaway

Tina and I were invited to spend the weekend in a little home by Lake Michigan this weekend. We jumped at the chance to escape the grind. It’s a beautiful home set in the woods. It’d be a great place for a horror movie. The home is designated as the “kid’s place” as I think it’s where the owners’ children might stay while the adults stay in another home down the street.

Nice, right? I wish I had kids. And after that I wish I had a kids’ vacation home to dump them in with their au pairs whilst I invited all the adults to the party home for “adult” swing fests.


We had a great time last night sipping wine and “chillaxing”. I hate that word, “Chillax”.

Anyway, I got some great shots yesterday at the beach, but I don’t have my card reader to download them to my laptop. You’re going to have to wait, bitches!

Unfortunately, Tina had to drive back to the city this morning to do her part-time trade gig at the yoga studio. But she’s going to get back asap this afternoon for another night of drunken debauchery.