There’s No Need for War

I have a liberal friend named Ron Rabatsky. I know him through my dad. They wage small political wars in relatively good jest. Sometimes I sense quite a bit of tension between them.

While my dad consistently sends out information that is provably false or downright lies, Ron forwards things that are reasonable, and by no means can you snopes them or discredit them in terms of outright bullshit. You may not agree with the message, but it doesn’t mean they are lies. That’s a big difference.

Ron sent out this article over the weekend which I found posted at HuffPo (For the most part, I hate you, HuffPo). Joe Scarborough reaches across party lines and says some positive things about the democrats and President Obama. Continue reading “There’s No Need for War”

Weekend Getaway Photo Blog

Counting dogs, we were 10 this weekend. These are only a few of the shots. I have TONS more. But these were ones I was able to poke through this morning while making contact sheets for a job last week.

Our hosts were Jay and Miles. Jay’s and Miles’ dogs Wilhelmena and Chloe were our K9 representatives. Miles’ sister Boya, her husband Jason and their sons Chris and Alex rounded out the human portion of our sojourners.

Tina and I made 9 and 10 respectively. First shall be last, right J.C.?

Tina isn’t in any of these shots, nor am I. I think you might be savvy enough to figure out who’s who. But if not, feel free to ask questions.