Business Card Reprint

I’m in desperate need to reprint my business cards. The original files that were done have been lost, so I recreated the design today. My friend Ryan Thurlwell, who is an excellent artist and illustrator, designed the original. He worked at a letterpress for a while, and I love the way the back looks (see below). The gray area is a blank stamp (no ink) and it embeds a texture to the paper.

Let me know what you think or if I’m missing anything I should include.

Click below the fold to see some of Ryan Thurlwell’s art. By the way, you can commission Ryan’s work. He does excellent stuff and I’m proud to have his work up on my walls. That reminds me, I should hire him to do some more.

r25 productions business cards2

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Boobie Wednesday; Welcome Strangers!

Apparently Boobie Wednesday is the newest Hallmark Holiday. Noooooo. It is a day to raise breast cancer awareness. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, among all the other crazy needs she’s had (kidney transplant, pancreas transplant, two (TWO!!!) quadruple bi-passes). All I’ve had to deal with are a couple faceplants. Bah dum buh.

My mom is a trooper. Thank science she’s made it this far. Verily I say unto you. 🙂

In honor of the awareness day every Wednesday, boobies run amok on Twitter. It’s making its way over to facebook, but not that quickly. I have one twitter pal right now with her boobs hanging out on facebook. I have to admit, I’m a little shy about putting my chest on facebook. The picture can be blown up more. And I don’t want to stir lustful thoughts in the minds of my weak friends. I mean look at that chest! Can you say, “Steroids”?

There’s a holy commandment app for that.

Anyway, in light of the fact that the word boobs will land me at least 50 extra hits today, Imma whore my picture then tag it left and right.

Naked BOOBIES unite! Spread awareness!

boobwednesday 3