4 thoughts on “Jesus Camp

  1. It’s awful. It was split in 8 segments, so if you only watched this one, it only gets worse.

    There are scenes of blatant praying to George Bush. There’s a scene with famed gay prostitute hiring meth addict Ted Haggard. Across the board, it’s a wakeup call.

  2. Have you heard/read any of the stories about the “Obama indoctrination” here in Asheville at Sand Hill Venable Elementary? I guess Fox covered it, but I’m not sure about anyone else. It’s posted on You Tube and folks who work at the school were receiving death threats. Craziness.

  3. I’ve seen some “indocrtination” videos. I didn’t realize there were some there.

    It’s complete bullshit. I remember singing songs to President Reagan growing up. It’s nothing new.

    Paul Krugman wrote an op-ed that the republicans are acting like a bunch of bratty 13-year olds right now. I can’t agree more. I don’t remember being this shitty during the last 8 years of hooha.

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