Saturday Night Dinner Party Blogging

We had a dinner party on Saturday night with Faye and her partner Warren, Keith and Colleen and the Wittifinis of course. I didn’t get a chance to photograph all the food. I’m still working on cooking for more than Tina, and it’s not easy.

The menu was:

Hors D’ouvres
• Mushroom bruschetta on various crackers
• Portabello and jalapeno pizza, thin crust and not too much mozerella

• Shrimp with sautéed arugula over middle eastern couscous with mixed veggies.

• Dark chocolate brownies served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Mint Leaves. The mint made it taste like a thin mint on steroids.

The party favor for the night was a sort of portraiture setting with our guests.

As always, I wish you were here to sit at our table with us. Café Witteveen is implementing weekly dinner parties as an effort to become more creative and fill my head with different, progressive, contrasting, wacky and different ideas.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Night Dinner Party Blogging

  1. OK..and I thought my superb Butter Chicken curry with steamed basmati rice with homemade pappadums and naan bread…followed by ice cream with a clotted cream toffee sauce on Saturday was a good menu ….followed by the Salmon and Asparagus Quiche I made yesterday !

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